Andy Aparece

Hi, I'm Andy Aparece.

Product Designer at ClassCover , focusing on design systems.
Previously at Optibooks as Designer and front-end developer.

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Andy Aparece is a Product Designer and Front-end Developer based in Davao, Philippines. He is passionate about good design and best practices.

For the past ten years, he’s been dabbling design and web. Helping wide range of clients improve their products by solving core problems through visual designs, interaction design, prototyping and front-end development.

On the side, Andy co-organized Sketch and Design Meetup Davao, a meetup for fellow designers to share knowledge, workflow, tips and tricks.

When he's not designing, Andy likes longboarding. He usually goes out to appreciate art and nature. He is currently learning how to catch a wave and hanging out with good people.

He loves playing fetch with his dog named Frosty.

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